San Diego Leads Statewide Trend in Independent Voter Registration

San Diego now leads California’s statewide trend in independent voter registrations. Of the 30,000 newly registered voters in the 52nd Congressional district alone this year, Independents outnumbered both Republicans and Democrats in the contested District. Independents also received a plurality of new registrants in the 39th Senate District.

But the large number of new Independent registrations in San Diego are indicative of voter registration statewide. While both parties should be concerned, the collapse in Republican registration statewide is more than notable.

California Congressional District 52 – New Voter Registrations

  • 38% Democrats
  • 22% Republicans
  • 40% Other/No Party Preference

California Senate District 39 – New Voter Registrations

  • 42% Democrats
  • 18% Republicans
  • 40% Other/No Party Preference

New Voter Registrations by District

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Prior Statewide Voter Registration Statistics
June 2012 Primary

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