The Perils of Technology Aren't That Bad

It’s two weeks until election. Over a year of development and a large-scale marketing campaign starts the same day. At this point, everyone second-guesses the goal. Few give a crap about the perils. But most everyday Americans share the drive that pushes our team of 20-somethings.

Tonight was the night of the last debate. As someone who lives in politics, it’s always awkward to convey the apathy over it. Was tonights debate important? Yes. Substantive? No.

Ninety-nine percent of the world didn’t care that a good portion of the internet went offline today. Ninety-eight wouldn’t care if they did.

But we did. IVN is hosted on the same servers as Reddit, Pinterest, and Flipboard. The same servers that power some of the most popular websites in the world. And on the day of the last debate, the IVN offices were pretty excited about the exponential increase in traffic. Until the servers went down.

Optimism turned to survivalism. Awaiting the next phone call turned to waiting for the call. The call came. About 5 hours laters. The most powerful servers in the world were finally back online. A marketing campaign? It was interrupted. Some of the few dollars we have to spend on advertising. Lost. Site visitors? They got an error page.

But in the words of the 99%, “who cares.” It happened. Thanks for coming back to find out why.