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Is the Media Perpetuating Partisanship or Just Asleep?

by Jane Susskind, published

Republican vs. Democrat, Red vs. Blue, MSNBC vs. Fox. It’s a vicious cycle. Key politicians dodge making tough decisions in favor of provocative partisan sound bites. The media loves – even profits from – the train wreck. The few politicians who do not play the game are crushed by the combined force of political and media partisanship. is a brand new platform for online news. Many opinions, from many points of view. Unvarnished facts. Unfiltered news. is the first national news network built specifically for the Internet. It is a reader and contributor -centric platform with an unprecedented level of accessibility.

In some ways, it is also a look backward to a time when journalism’s mission was to report the news, not make it. No holds barred debate subject only to a simple etiquette.

As technology advances, so does our ability to attain information. We have at the touch of our fingertips a constant stream of information, and are tasked with finding the truth behind the rhetoric. With the increasing popularity of social media, stories now break on the internet, more specifically, on Twitter. The speed at which the news moves online has created a culture of sensationalism, where journalists seek headlines, not facts.

Over half of American adults get their news online, but is the media perpetuating partisanship to make headlines? Image from

media partisanship is in some ways a reversion to traditional standards of journalism, back to a time when the mission of journalism was to report the news, not make it. With nearly half of all Americans getting their news online and almost 80% of voters online, is an adaptation to the digital era in which we live, providing real journalism to the online world.

Writers at have no talking points. encourages a no holds barred debate between civic leaders, voters, journalists, elected officials, subject only to a simple set of etiquette guidelines.

While the media profits from the partisan battles that plague Washington, we aim to provide readers with real journalism, real opinions, and real solutions.

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