What the Twittersphere is Saying About IVN's Presidential Debate

With help from the Google Plus team, and the participation of Governor Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein, we hosted the first presidential debate aired entirely online. We brought two candidates, separated by distance, together to discuss issues largely ignored by the Republican and Democratic candidates. Steve Peace, co-founder of the Independent Voter Project, moderated the debate from San Diego, California. Using the technology of Google+, we were able to bring alternative voices into the debate, with questions directly posed by our online audience.

After a technological hiccup, the conversation heavily turned into back and forth debate on climate, education, the mortgage meltdown, drones, and our role abroad: issues that were blatantly missing from Tuesday’s televised Presidential Debate.

Not only were the two candidates sparring online, voters on Twitter were actively engaging in a lively debate of the issues. Unlike the twitter feeds from Tuesday’s debate, tweet chat #indyvote was populated with tweets about the issues. Users debated the merits of education reform, solutions to poverty, and plans for climate change and green energy.

Here’s what people were saying about IVN’s Presidential Debate:


Missed the debate? Watch Gary Johnson and Jill Stein debate the issues here.