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Credit: Ed Ghost Tucker[/caption]

San Diego folk-jazz band, Ed Ghost Tucker, is known for producing original, self-recorded tracks. Along with writing, recording, and producing their own music, the band also creates their own video art, graphic design, and does their own marketing. During Ed’s local shows, they use their video art and graphic design to augment their sound.

Band member Rutger Rosenborg explained that Ed Ghost Tucker is more than just music, “Our band is both an aural and visual experience for our audience.” Ed combines a spacey post-rock ambiance with a bluegrass vibe to create a sound all their own – and when they aren’t playing music, they’re shooting and narrating videos.

Band members Brian Disney, Ryan Miller, Rutger Rosenborg, and siblings Cameron and Michaela Wilson are all San Diego locals who came together to create their original sound and look. Miller, Cameron, Wilson, and Rosenborg have been playing music together since the fifth grade. After a brief hiatus, they have decided to rejoin with new musicians under a new aesthetic, a new arrangement, and an entirely new sound.

Ed Ghost Tucker’s arrangement has Disney on the horn, keys, percussion, and, occasionally, on the acoustic guitar. Miller is on the drums, whipping around his golden locks and setting the beat for the band. Rosenborg, Cameron , and Michaela all handle the vocals, using a variety of harmonic combinations to produce their folk-jazz vibe. Along with singing, Rosenborg plays lead guitar, Cameron bass, and Michaela  can be found jamming on the omnichord.

The band has had notable success on the local San Diego music scene, playing a couple shows a week at hot spots like Hillcrest’s Ruby Room. For a full list of concert dates in San Diego and up the coast visit their facebook page.

To get a feel for their sound listen to Anyone by Ed Ghost Tucker  and find them on the main stage of La Mesa’s Oktoberfest this Saturday, Oct. 6 in the beer garden at 7pm!