Gary Johnson Crowd Surfs at Utah Town Hall

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While Obama and Romney are preparing for a debate in which they won’t let the former New Mexico Governor participate, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson was holding an “online town hall” in Utah for anyone who wanted to participate; literally everyone in the world.

And while Johnson has taken his candidacy seriously by filing both a novel anti-trust lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates and for an injunction against the FEC, it was all fun and games when Gary Johnson went crowd surfing with hundreds of supporters.

Watch Gary Johnson Crowd Surfing:


Some on-the-ground reporting from the DailyPaul:

The last question at his town hall was “if we promise not to drop you will you crowd surf”. When the question was asked I thought it was ludicrous. But GJ went ahead and did it. After thinking about it for a second, I saw the brilliance in it. Maybe it will go viral and get him some more name recognition. I’m sure someone will come up w/ a clever nickname and, again, hopefully he’ll get a lot more recognition as a result.