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Facebook Asks, Are You Registered to Vote?

by Jane Susskind, published

Starting today, you can now share on your Facebook Timeline that you are registered to vote, along with the story behind your registration. The U.S. Politics on Facebook shared this feature around an hour ago, explaining:

"You can add to your timeline that you registered to vote, and share your story about when, where or why you decided to register. If you’re not already registered and want to be, you’ll find a link to your state’s election authority there as well."

The post outlines the three steps necessary to share your registration status:

Step 1: Click "Life Event"

Step 2: Select "Travel & Experiences" and "Registered to Vote"

Step 3: Select the date and state in which you registered. You can also share a story and select who can see this on your timeline.

In conjunction with the Facebook-CNN "I'm Voting App," Facebook is making voting social, allowing users to share their voting experiences before election day. The findings of a recent UC San Diego study confirm that social influence mobilizes voters, and when presented with a Facebook social message, users are more likely to get out and vote.

What implications will this new feature have on voter registration? Will you share your voter registration story on Facebook? 

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