#Forward2012 Trending Ahead of President Obama's Acceptance Speech

President Obama is expected to give his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight at 10:30pm EST (7:30pm PST). Leading up to his speech, his campaign has invested a substantial amount of time, money, and energy into the social network Twitter.

Following in Mitt Romney’s footsteps, Obama’s campaign has promoted a hashtag to correspond with today’s speech, #Forward2012. Promoted tweets can cost up to $120,000, according to Ad Age, and appear on the left column of Twitter with a purple arrow to indicate the hashtag is promoted. Going into tonight’s prime-time coverage, other trending topics include #DNC2012, #FNO, and #VMA, showcasing Obama’s competition with both New York Fashion Week and MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Up against stiff competition, former president Bill Clinton edged out the National Football League’s season kickoff game on NBC, receiving more TV viewers for yesterday’s speech than the game. Clinton also won the Twitter battle, sparking over 22,000 tweets per minute.

Can Obama compete with one of the music industry’s biggest nights?