Gary Johnson Money Bomb Hauls in $250,000

Taking a page out of the old Ron Paul playbook, Gary Johnson has announced that he has raised over $250,000 from over 3,000 different supporters in his campaign’s latest “money bomb.” For those not familiar with the term “money bomb,” it refers to a short-term fundraising campaign targeted at small dollar donors in mass numbers. Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign was the first campaign to coin the term and run such a successful campaign.  On November 5th and December 16th of 2007, the Paul campaign hauled in over $4.2 million and over $6 million, respectively.

With little media exposure and less household name ID, the “money-bomb” is a powerful tool that could keep the Johnson campaign ticking, despite the billions of dollars in the war chests of the two major candidates. As Johnson and his supporters put increasing pressure on CNN and the major media outlets to include him in the debates, will this ability to raise money online provide the resources they need to get him on stage?