Facts About Ayn Rand That Conservatives Might Not Know

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Rand hated religion, supported abortion, thought embryos had no rights, believed no company is too big too fail, and was intellectual and elitist.

The Sin City Siren documents this and more in her take-down of conservatives cherry-picking quotes from Ayn Rand without really understanding what Rand believed. Of course liberals cherry-pick her quotes too, and for the same reason, to prove their points. It should be noted that some right-wing libertarians have no problems with her beliefs. But religious conservatives and free marketeers who somehow favor propping up the big banks rather than letting them fail might not want to use her as a role model.

And let’s not forget her early disciple Alan Greenspan who as chairman of the Federal Reserve was constantly intervening in the markets, something which was totally contrary to Ayn Rand’s beliefs that governments should not regulate or interfere with business.