Twitter Preemits Romney VP App

mitt-vp-app Credit: Wired[/caption]

Despite a much-lauded campaign mobile app designed to break the news of Romney for America’s choice for vice president, news of the campaign’s decision broke on Twitter hours before a formal announcement.

By 10-11pm EST, major news outlets were reporting of Gov. Romney’s imminent announcement of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee.

In a case of much ado about nothing, when word leaked late Friday of Romney’s vice president decision, it came via Twitter, not from the Romney VP app dedicated to breaking such news.

“…get the exciting news before the press and just about everyone else,” seems to mean, get the news last and after everyone else.

It appears Twitter is still the go-to source for breaking information despite campaign attempts to control the flow of outgoing announcements designed to garner momentum.

Despite the writing on the wall, some reporters sarcastically declared they would hold out for official app confirmation.

Others were moving on to new angles, and the next breaking tidbit…whatever it might be.