Christian Bale Visits Aurora Victims

All of us are aware that of the tragedy that struck Aurora, CO last Thursday night as James Holmes barged into the midnight premiere of Dark Night Rises and shot 70 people. The story coming out today revolves around Christian Bale visiting victims of the shooting in the hospital today.

The horrific event has been politicized by gun-rights and gun-control advocates as they scrap to stay in the spotlight or trade blows on the issue. The discussion around the event has been off-point and disrespectful to the victims, their friends, and their families.

Regardless of the politicization of the event, we can score one for the good guys after Christian Bale visits victims and showed his support. Bale doesn’t have the greatest reputation for on set behavior, but his visit shows a lot of class.

The star made the stop to say thank you to the medical staff and first responders while visiting victims in the hospital, their loved ones, along with a visit to the memorial in place for the victims of the shooting.

Prior to his visit, Christian Bale issued a written statement:

Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.

Following his visit a picture circulated online with Christian Bale visiting a victim in the hospital and posing for a photograph.

In the next few days we will likely see more discussion surrounding guns, James Holmes, and first person accounts from the scene. When we hear these messages and become frustrated with how political the story becomes, remember that the good guy wins in the end.