That Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie: A Review

First, I want to make it clear that this is the first movie I have seen in probably a year.  Why Lincoln Vampire Hunter?  That’s a good damn question because there are lots of movies that I really wanted to see, then never went.  But this one?  Well a co-worker has the poster for some reason above her desk, so on sort of a whim we decided to take the whole office.

Now, I’m not a vampire person: I am neither a vampire nor a vampire enthusiast.  The plot line is pretty ridiculous and any Southerner should be completely offended in that, apparently, the confederacy consisted of soulless evil vampires.  But, the movie does keep the attention long enough to forget that a Douglas character makes an appearance in the beginning of the movie but is never really developed.

In an attempt not to ruin this historical cinema by giving away all its surprises, I would say that if you like Kill Bill, you will probably like this movie.  You will be a little disappointed that its not nearly as good as Kill Bill, but it is full of all the same revenge, over-the-top slow-motion sequences, and historical accuracy.