Chad's Cliff Notes: Winner of Supreme Court's Immigration Ruling

Arizona: “We gotta immigration problem.”

United States: “yeh, tell that to California, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, etc… we ain’t doing anything for them either!”

Jan Brewer: “ok, Arizona, let’s have state police have the power to stop people and ask them for their documentation if they look like someone who might be doing manual labor for us illegally.”

Mitt Romney: “Gooooooo Arizona!”

Obama: “State’s Rights? Ha!  I’m a Con Law professor.  Try Bill of Rights. You can’t do that.”

Mitt Romney: “Yeh they can.”

Small Government Conservative: “Wait, the government can’t just ask for your papers based on race. I can’t support this Romney guy!”

Rush, Hannity, other Bobble Heads: “This is America.  What, are you some kinda Obama liberal? You just want the mexicans to take over and bring that socialist stuff they learned from the Spanish.  Why do you think Spain is bankrupt?  You want that here?”

Small Government Conservative:  “Oh Yeh!  Never-mind I said anything.  Go Romney!”

Obama: “This has nothing to do with my trip to the NOLEO convention or the upcoming decision to come from the Supreme Court, but we should not punish qualified immigrants who are here illegally.”

Supreme Court: “You can’t just ask for papers because you think someone is illegal. Pretty basic stuff Arizona.  However, you can ask for documentation in the regular course of investigation, just like everyone else does.”

Fox (minus Judge Napolitano): “Victory for Romney”

MSNBC: “Victory for Obama”

Justice Scalia: “Damn you Obamaaaaa!”