Could GOP Outreach Efforts to Latino Voters Get Any Worse?

From US News and World Report:

RNC Latino Site Features Stock Photo of Asian Children

Mitt Romney has been increasingly keen to court the Latino vote, which is believed to heavily favor President Obama over the former Massachusetts governor for president. In the latest Latino Decisions poll, Obama held a 43-point lead over Romney.

But the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic site may not be doing Romney any favors. features as its main image a stock photo from Shutterstock, which tags the photo with keywords that clearly suggest the kids are Asian, including: “asia,” “asian,” “interracial,” “japanese,” and “thailand.”

Instead of a Spanish-language website as part of an attempt to market the GOP to Latino voters, which the RNC has apparently botched, why not take a substantive policy stand on issues that are important to Latino voters and consistent with Republican values?