California Primary Election Results [UPDATE]

Update: Scott Peters Opens Up 700-Vote Lead in CA Congressional District 52 

With 93.5% of the precincts reporting, Christopher Cadelago reports for the U-T San Diego:

Scott Peters opened up a 700-vote lead over fellow Democrat Lori Saldaña early Wednesday, setting up a high-profile contest in November with Republican Brian Bilbray, who is cruising to a first-place finish in the redrawn 52nd Congressional District.

Peters is leading with 22.53 percent of the vote and Saldaña was a close second with 21.87 percent, with 93.5 percent of precincts reporting.


Update: San Diego Mayoral Race Down to the Wire

San Diego’s heated race for Mayor shows Republican Carl DeMaio in the lead with 32% of the vote, followed by Democrat Bob Filner. Republican turned Independent Nathan Fletcher trails in third, but the results are not final.


Update: New Open Primary Places Two Democrats on November Ballot

With two Democrats and one candidate running as “No Party Preference”, California’s 15th Congressional District race will likely see two Democrats on November’s ballot.


Update: Independent Bill Bloomfield Could Advance To November Election

In an election marked by electoral reform, it looks as though Independent candidate Bill Bloomfield will advance in California’s 33rd Congressional District. With 26.3% of the vote and almost 13,000 votes, he is trailing only to incumbent Henry Waxman, who’s name recognition and popularity in the district has secured him 43.3% of the vote.


Update: Close Contest for Democrats in San Diego’s 52nd District

With just over 70% of the precincts reporting, it looks as though incumbent Brian Bilbray (R) has secured the spot as top vote getter, advancing to the November Election.

Democrats Lori Saldana and Scott Peters are in a close race for second, with 21.8% and 22.6% of the vote, respectively. Also running is Independent Jack Doyle, who in fourth place, has received 4% of the vote.


Update: California Voters Rejecting Proposition 29 

With over half the state’s votes counted, the $1 tobacco tax is falling short, with 50.3% opposing the tax. Maybe the vote has something to do with the $47 million spent by big tobacco companies on the Vote No campaign.

California voters also voted on Proposition 28, which with overwhelming support, is set to pass. The measure would decrease term limits from 14 years to 12 years, while allowing lawmakers to serve their entire terms in one House.

For full analysis of the results, check out the Sacramento Bee’s most recent post.


Update: Elizabeth Emken Advances to November Election

Challenging long-time Democrat Dianne Feinstein in California’s U.S. Senate Primary, Republican Elizabeth Emken won 12.3% of the vote, securing her a spot in November’s general election. As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

Emken, a longtime advocate for children with autism, edged out a field of mostly unknown and underfunded Republican rivals to win the state party’s endorsement ahead of the primary.

Republican businessman Dan Hughes, a first-time candidate, came in third with 6 percent of the vote.

The remaining candidates fought for slivers of the vote in early returns, with most of them winning 2 percent or less each of the votes cast.

While Emken struggles to compete with Feinstein’s name recognition and campaign contributions, she has been taking advantage of radio talkshows and social media, the Sacramento Bee added.


Update: Close Contest in Assembly District 57

Two Democrats face off in California’s 57th Assembly district, both evenly tied with 28% of the vote. With 85.8% of the precincts reporting Ian Calderon (D) is up by just 2 votes with 8,114. Rudy Bermudez (D), who has the official endorsement of the Democratic Party, is trailing with 8,112. Republican Noel A. Jaimes holds a clear lead, with 44% of the the Los Angeles County votes.


Update: Congressional District 51 Declares Top Vote Getter 

Senator Juan Vargas has been declared the top vote getter in the San Diego Congressional District 51. He maintains a clear lead, with 45.9% of the vote. Who he will face in November’s election is still undecided, with Republican Michael Crimmins leading the race for second with 20.8%. Former Senator Denise Moreno-Ducheny, who was expected to advance to the general election, trails with just under 15% of the vote.


Update: Battle for Second in California’s 26th Congressional District

With still less than 40% of the precincts reporting, Republican Tony Strickland is in the lead, with a solid 45.4% in the Ventura County district.

The battle is now for second, with Democrat Julie Brownley in second with 25.8% of the vote, closely followed by Independent Linda Parks with 18.6% of the vote.


Update: Prop 28 Projected to Pass

Update: Ron Paul

With 9% of precincts reporting, 51,979 people (or 9.2%) have voted for Dr. Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary.

Governor Romney is at 81%.

Update: State Senate Districts

Results are starting to trickle in since polls closed over half an hour ago. So far, none of the results from CA State Senate races are reporting at above 50% yet.

For Senate District 39, ABC 10 is showing Marty Block and George Plescia tied at 44%.


Update: Who Will Join Sen. Feinstein?


Update: Bill Bloomfield in Striking Distance of Advancing in CD-33

Just 2% reporting, but coming in second with 28.2% of the vote.

Update: CD-52

With 12% reporting:

Lori Saldana and Scott Peters are nearly neck and neck for a second place finish.

Saldana has 21.8%, Peters 22.3%

Independent Jack Doyle leads the rest of the pack, but is in a distant forth with 4.4% of the vote.

Incumbent Brian Bilbray has 41.6% of votes currently reported.

Monitor results at the Secretary of State’s website.

Update: Initial San Diego Precincts Reporting

Update: Polls Close in California

Polls will close in California at 8pm Pacific Time.

Four US House races are uncompetitive: CD-37, CD-40, CD-43 and CD-44.

Congressional District 37: Democratic incumbent Karen Bass ran unopposed.

Congressional District 40: Democratic incumbent Lucille Roybal-Allard and challenger Democrat David Sanchez will advance to November.

Congressional District 43: Two Democrats will advance to the November election: incumbent Rep. Maxine Waters and challenger Bob Flores. Although 58.6% of voters in the district are registered Democrats, 23.9% of the district are No Party Preference voters. Both candidates will have to appeal to this broader electorate in November in order to be successful.

Congressional District 44: This district had a pretty straightforward primary election contest between two Democrats: Laura Richardson and Janice Hahn. The November election is where it will get interesting, as both candidates will have to compete once again for votes outside of their base. No Party Preference Voters make up 23.3% of this district, with just 13.1% registered Republican.