26th Congressional Indie Candidate Tops IVN Survey of Indie Voters

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The results are in for the IVN Independent Voter Survey in California’s 10th Congressional District.

The election was by secret ballot, conducted by Everyone Counts, the international leader in online election technology.

Voters received a unique ID assuring that they could only cast one vote in the survey. All candidates were informed of the Survey by email and registered mail in advance of the election.

This is not a scientific survey and therefore not necessarily indicative of the June 5th election day outcome in which the two highest vote getters will move on to the November General Election.

The Survey is part of a larger voter education program funded by the Independent Voter Project (publishers of IVN.us) designed to increase awareness of the upcoming Open Primary election in which all voters, including independents, can vote for any candidate regardless of political party preference, with the top two moving on to the November election.

Percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number.

10th Congressional District Results:

Denham                                 34%

Hernandez                              32%

Condit                                    16%

McComak                              13%

Barkley                                     5%