IVN Week Ahead: Calling All Independent Voters, Voices & Candidates


California’s June 5th Open Primary is now 16 days away! May 21st is the deadline to register and/or change your political affiliation. Remember, this year’s Open Primary makes it possible to vote for any political candidate regardless of party affiliation (except for Presidential primary, which remains partisan).

This week marks the last few days of our independent Voter Survey, made possible and secure by Everyone Counts. There’s still a few days to cast your vote, if you have not already. Make sure to check back with IVN on May 22nd, we’ll be excited to share the results!

IVN’s theme for the coming week is candidates. What candidates are on your radar? Have any independent candidates, state, local or nationwide, caught your attention? How about partisan candidates who buck the party line to do what’s right? We want to spotlight and discuss interesting political candidates moving this country forward.

Have you checked out our new Election Center? We’re keeping you up-to-date with Races to Watch, Candidate Search and a comprehensive guide to the two ballot initiatives appearing on California’s June ballot: Proposition 28 and Proposition 29. Come learn, debate and exchange ideas at IVN in the run-up to this historic election!

We’ve also kept busy at Independent Voter Network preparing new interactive features and we’re excited to see them put to use!

Have you filled out a profile at IVN, yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Start working on your profile and receive 50 IVN Points! The most active members of the community will be able to rise up the ranks from Voter to Founding Father. Insightful comments, community leader board and profile activity will be featured prominently on our site. Make your mark today and speak for yourself!

Do you have a unique point of view on election and/or political issues? Contact us today about contributing! Independent Voter Network is always looking for new voices and welcome all viewpoints. We ask that all contributors follow our simple etiquette guidelines for civility and discourse.

We also need and anticipate your help! You see, we envision Independent Voter Network to be propelled largely by your participation. Give us feedback so we make sure to build features to empower and amplify your voices. What would you like to see at IVN? What features are working for you? What changes would you prefer?

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Lastly, thank you for your patience and continued support. We are looking forward to an exciting election season and proving the Independent Voter Network as a worthy place to get information, research issues and network with independent voters and candidates.