Some Excerpts from IVN’s Article: Obama for America

Not long after the president’s inauguration Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, told the National Journal’s Major Garrett his principal objective was to make Barack Obama a one-term president. What Mr. McConnell said in that interview, as a public declaration, is without precedent in our history – and foreshadowed the political and legislative difficulties that ensued. 

Mr. Obama’s challenges following his election in 2008 were, as previously noted, as great as any faced by his 43 predecessors, but I did not mention then what I am obliged now to mention – he faced those challenges as our first African-American president.

The United States has experienced more than its share of shameful moments, but the campaign to discredit Barack Obama as an American citizen, is the embodiment of an evil I cannot abide.

The dénouement of the 2012 presidential campaign will result in Mr. Obama’s re-election by a majority greater than his victory over John McCain. In addition, Democrats will win back control of the House of Representatives and retain control of the Senate. And further, Harry Reid as Senate leader will succeed in restoring majority voting rules, thus ending the tyranny of the minority.

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