Ron Paul movement donates 6 tons of food to charity

Critics often claim that the libertarian worldview is nice in theory, but won’t really work in the real world.  This Christmas, Dr. Ron Paul’s army of libertarian-minded supporters put this criticism to the test.  Based on an official press release, grassroots volunteers collected over 12,000 pounds of food to donate to charity in thirty-six different cities.

Danielle Davis, Ron Paul supporter and volunteer said:

…We would like to show people- as Ron Paul believes- that grassroots efforts of voluntary charity are a much more efficient and direct way to help those less fortunate than ourselves; government isn’t the only option.

Now, even if one disagrees with Ron Paul or the libertarian worldview in general, the results of the Christmas food drive speak for themselves. The libertarian philosophy can prove effective in the ‘real world’, and it can be a force for good.  If the Ron Paul movement seeks to provide further evidence to a skeptical public, then perhaps it would do well to organize more charity events as the presidential campaign season rolls on.

In fact, with two doctors, Dr. Ron Paul and his son, Dr. Rand Paul, serving as figureheads of the present-day, libertarian-minded movement, perhaps grassroots organizers would do well to consider organizing free health clinic events around the country.  Or, since Ron Paul receives more military donations than any other presidential candidate, charity events geared toward serving the nation’s active duty soldiers, veterans, and their families could be an especially meaningful option. These are just two ideas.

As recent poll numbers show, America is more seriously considering Ron Paul’s limited-government philosophy these days. At a time when the populace is rapidly losing patience with the empty talk of self-serving politicians, a populist movement willing to actually ‘walk the walk’ could serve as a powerful testimony. As they say, actions speak louder than words.