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by Jane Susskind, published

 A lot of crazy stuff happens in Harold & Kumar movies, but fortune telling? 


Harold and Kumar go to Zuccotti Park:

Filmgoers who’ve turned out to see “A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas” since it came out last weekend may have been struck by some unusually timely scenes.

Right at the front of the movie, John Cho’s Harold, who works in the New York financial world, can be seen in his office near a Wall Street protest. He’s then accosted by the protesters, who hurl names (and worse) at him after his assistant provokes them. (Harold holds his tongue — he’s one of those good-guy one-percenters.)

Um, how did a movie shot in the summer of 2010 anticipate a movement that began only in September?

Photo: John Cho, left, and Kal Penn in “A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas.” Credit: New Line

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