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Chelene Nightingale offers American Independent Party alternative in bid for governor

by Chris Hinyub, published

This is the third installment in a series profiling 3rd party candidates for Governor of California.

Chelene Nightingale is a staunch advocate of the Constitution and limited government. She has been involved with organizing numerous rallies and political events for the past five years. As a private citizen lobbyist to both Sacramento and DC, she has demanded border security reform and no amnesty for illegal aliens.

In 2006, Ms. Nightingale served as the campaign manager for third party gubernatorial candidate, Art Olivier. She personally met with and endorsed Congressman Ron Paul during his 2008 presidential bid.  At the behest of members and leaders in the National Constitution Party, Nightingale threw her hat into the ring for California governor as an American Independent.

Candidate Nightingale's career endeavors have proven her a competent leader. She is a former small business owner and used to manage a 501c3. She also served as a Vice President for a distribution/production company.

If elected, Nightingale would propose to:

...add National Guard troops to secure the border.

...end public benefits to illegal immigrants.

...turn on the water in the Central Valley.

...abolish AB 32 which she claims is decimating state business.

...reduce business tax and regulations in order to bring business back to California.

...create a sound money oriented State Bank separating citizens of California from the Federal Reserve system.

...ensure Californians' state rights.

...implement an E-verify system and support legal California residents to be hired first.

...end all state benefits to “sanctuary cities”. agriculture, aerospace, electronic, entertainment and all other vital industries in the state to increase employment and state revenue.

...establish a part time legislature immediately.

...rein in the power of the special interest groups and public employee unions in our state. Give control back to the people.

...end political agendas in the state public school system. Localize schools so that parents are more involved. Allow parents the right to choose the best education method for their children via tax credits or a voucher system and support home schoolers.

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