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Rand Paul N.H. Campaign Office Burglarized, Computers Stolen

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Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign office in New Hampshire was broken into sometime in the past 24 hours, robbed of computers with databases and campaign files, according to social media posts from one of the candidate’s top advisers.

Michael Biundo, serving as a National Senior Adviser for Senator Paul’s presidential campaign, posted to his Facebook and Twitter accounts this morning with the following update: “Getting ready to go to Iowa today for the final caucus push and now I am dealing with our New Hampshire for Rand Paul office being broken into. I needed more stress this morning. Thanks.”

UPDATE: Jan. 27, 2:30 p.m. EDT – Brandon Ross, a local attorney and volunteer with the Paul campaign, told Truth In Media that other businesses in the same building reported attempted burglaries earlier in the week.

Matt Chisholm, Paul’s New Hampshire communications director, claimed that the items stolen included “four iPads, two laptop computers, two cell phones and some other small electronic devices, including cameras and headphones.”

Editor’s note: This article, written by Rachel Blevins, originally published on Truth in Media on January 27, 2016.

Photo Credit: Rich Koele / Shutterstock.com

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