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Independent POTUS Candidate Calls Rubio’s Climate Change of Heart Disingenuous at Best

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NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In response to Marco Rubio’s recent campaign event in New Hampshire where the candidate appears to have made a climate change of heart and has called for America to be “number one in wind, and number one in solar, and number one in biofuels, and number one in renewables, number one in energy efficiency. Let’s lead in all of these things,” independent presidential candidate Ken Fields responded by saying:

“For someone who has so vehemently opposed any acknowledgement of the scientific consensus backing the evidence of human-caused climate change due to our planet’s reliance on fossil fuels, Rubio’s change of heart seems disingenuous at best. He has voted against energy efficiency and clean energy tax incentives. It’s hard to believe him.”

When pressed for further comment, Fields stated, “The recent and continued volatility in global oil markets should be evidence enough that energy security is not simply a matter of having and exploiting our own fossil fuel resources, but rather being completely independent of fossil fuels altogether.”

Fields officially launched his campaign last week on January 8, 2016. His platform revolves around his slogan, “Greatness Must Be Earned” and to do great things, he has advocated the transition to 100% renewable energy for the country over the next 20 years. His policy plan includes, but is not limited to, creating the public and private mechanisms to encourage and nurture the financial markets to participate, a tax holiday for repatriated corporate capital that is invested in renewables and a carbon tax and dividend plan.

For further information on his policies and positions feel free to visit www.kenfields.net.

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i see this a lot with independent candidates. Why not focus on more than 1 major issue? you've got have a broad platform if you're going to attract broad appeal

Jeff Marston
Jeff Marston

A laudable goal but 20 years is awfully ambitious.  I'd need more specifics.

Albert P
Albert P

I would be curious to learn more about who this candidate is.

Joe Cucchiara
Joe Cucchiara

@Albert P  If you don't know by now Albert, that says a lot. This is the Miami, Florida resident who when asked a year ago for his opinion on the human affects on climate said he was not a Scientist and therefore had no opinion. Now that climate changes are a reality with the crazy weather and rising sea levels, he got an opinion. He does that with every issue. It's called "whatever works".