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7 Social Media Stats of 2013 That Will Surprise You

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Social media statistics are changing constantly, with new networks,  audiences, and users creating an ever-changing landscape when it comes to social media. With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook has secured its spot at the top of the list of most used social networks, but which network has grown the most since 2012? What network boasts the most monthly visits in the second quarter of 2013?

Here are 7 updated social media stats of 2013 that might surprise you: 

1. Google+ Is On the Rise:

Remember when Google+ was invite-only? Two years later,

. Maybe it’s because the social network boasts roughly 1.2 billion visits per month, more than both Facebook (809 million monthly visits) and Twitter (416 million monthly visits). But, before you abandon your current social media strategy, keep in mind that this number refers to visits to all Google services – Gmail visits included.

2. Social Media Use Increasing for Older Demographic:

Social media isn’t just for millennials glued to their smartphones. There has been an increase in interest surrounding social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in the last year, with users 55 -64 increasing usage by more than 100 percent.

The proof is in the chart:

Source: GlobalWebIndex – Stream Social Q2 2013

3. Pinterest and Tumblr Fastest Growing Social Networks

In the last year, GlobalWebIndex data reveals that visual content is king, with Pinterest and Tumblr outgrowing all other social networks at a growth rate of 88 percent and 74 percent, respectively. While Twitter and LinkedIn show strong signs of growth as well, their text-based format might be to blame for their second-tier ranking.


There are now 101 million US daily mobile users, which make up 78 percent of all daily users in the US. Globally, Facebook saw a jump from 425 million to 469 million in 2013 alone, an increase of 10.3 percent, TechCruch reports.

5. Despite Privacy Concerns, We Still Share on Facebook

Facebook users share 2.5 billion pieces of content per day, according to Nielsen. It might be time you update your privacy settings on Facebook.

social_media_stats_2013_6. 27 Percent of Time Spent Online is Social

Experian Marketing Services reveals that over a quarter of time spent online – 27 percent – is spent on social media sites.

A closer look at the 2013 report reveals that the amount of time spent accessing news is also on the rise among online users in the US, UK, and Australia.

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7. 40 Million Photos are Posted in Instagram A Day

There are now over 150 million users on the photo-sharing mobile app, Instagram, posting an average of 40 million instagram photos a day. For a company that only had 13 employees at the time it was purchased, that’s an impressive statistic.

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What surprises me is the growth of tumblr, but (what I believe) the fall of its quality. Not in terms of functionality, but its purpose. I liked its blogging format and tools, but it's turned into a big chain of reposts of good, bad, and ugly of the internet. I suppose it grew into an easy place to share and update yourself on those aspects of internet-ing.

But then again, who am I to say how it should be used. Totally a tumblr hipster lol

Shawn M Griffiths
Shawn M Griffiths

I am actually surprised by the success of Google+. You heard about its initial successes in the beginning, but haven't heard much since.


@highammichael with traffic comes content degradation...just like the first Youtube comments were very polite, just like 19th century advertisements expected consumers to read a poster-essay about a product's benefits. Dedicated blogs are turning into reddit-esque feeds, but that doesn't mean a better blog format isn't developing elsewhere. Like here at IVN, for instance :P


@Shawn M Griffiths Google requires its other product users (gmail etc...) to open a Google+ account, which is my guess as to why it's on the rise.  The Empire is growing.