The first filing period for campaign finance has passed and the prospective candidates for California Governor in 2014 have reported.

between January 1st and June 30th of this year. In comparison, his prospective opponents, former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado and Assemblymember Tim Donnelly, raised a little over $400,000 combined in the same time period.

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has Brown with a 54 percent approval rating among likely voters. Brown’ approval rating polled at 67 percent with Democrats, 29 percent with Republicans, and 44 percent among independents.

Brown led the way to a balanced approach to the state’s budget. Under Brown, California attained $1.2 billion in surplus, a stark contrast from the states’ $42 billion deficit just four years earlier.

Brown’s biggest donor so far is the Democratic State Central Committee of California, which donated $900,000 to his reelection campaign. He also received donations from notable groups such as Wal-Mart, the California Nurses Association, California School Employees Association and several Indian tribes.

Asm. Donnelly, who has raised $83,000. is pushing tax reform as one of the main issues in his platform:

“By relieving businesses of the burden of high taxes, we can open the doors for growth and expansion, creating greater opportunity for job creation and a prosperous economy.”

Donnelly has currently received most of his campaign funds from individual donors.

"One of his past and most significant campaign contributors has been Altria, parent company of Philip Morris."
 One of his past and most significant campaign contributors has been Altria, parent company of Philip Morris. Aside from candidate committees, notable donors have included Pechanga Band of Lusieno Mission Indians, AT&T, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association.

Maldonado has raised over $300,000, and has over $44,000 left on hand. Most of his contributions for the 2014 gubernatorial race have come from individual donors. In the past, he’s received donations from the California Trucking Association, AT&T, California Housing Council and Pechanga Band of Lusieno Mission Indians.

Maldonado has been outspoken against realignment and Brown’s handling of the overcrowded prisons situation. He stated, “I would have demonstrated to the courts that I was moving forward with increasing capacity to hold some hardened criminals in California.”

Maldonado was a prominent supporter of California’s Proposition 14, the top-two, nonpartisan primary system. The 2014 election will be the first gubernatorial election conducted through California’s new primary system.

While it’s still early, Brown’s challengers will need to step up their fundraising efforts if they hope to be competitive in the race for California governor.

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Raul Carranza
Raul Carranza

Left leaning aspiring journalist with a passion for healthcare and campaign finance reform. Likes following the facts, wherever they may lead. Currently studying at community college and attended UCLA.

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Bob Conner
Bob Conner

Jerry Brown's reputation in California seems enough to carry him even without the massive lead in finances. This isn't the first time he's bailed CA out of a financial disaster and his father is probably most noted for the progressive state that CA is now.

Charlotte Dean
Charlotte Dean

I'm disconcerted that Maldonado's first impulse would have been to blow money building more prisons, treating the symptom and not the illness. its really amazing the loops politicians will tie themselves into to avoid a difficult but inevitable reform. there's a consistent philosophy of "yeah, well, just don't do it in my term" why even get re-elected if you are constantly deferring productivity for the sake of re-election? Oh right, because you can make craptons of money and no one technically has to disclose.

Joseph Avery
Joseph Avery

Good analysis of this race to be. If I were betting from an objective standpoint my money would be on Brown... it looks like many big businesses agree.

Shawn M. Griffiths
Shawn M. Griffiths

That's a huge financial advantage to have over his opponents. It is still early though and I will be curious to see how Maldonado does as we get closer to 2014.

Michael Higham
Michael Higham

I imagine Gov. Brown will seek reelection, he is building a lot of momentum with his recent actions as governor. However, I'd like to see a competitive race and I think former Lt. Gov. Maldonado could provide that.

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