Hemp: The Wonder Plant?


There has been a lot of talk recently about the positive and negative effects of the legalization of marijuana, but not much about its less potent relative; hemp.

Hemp has been used by humans as far back as 8,000 BCE and can be used today in everything from clothing to building materials. The following infographic, created by  Catherine Hunt, describes hemp’s long history of being one of the most versatile plants in the world and why it deserves to be included in the conversation on legalization as much as its more psychedelic cousin, marijuana.

Credit: Catherine Hunt / http://www.catsgraphicgarden.com/
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Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier

hemps greatest asset is it's effects on the soil. It can be grown even in areas with depleted soil nutrients - it is a weed after all

Solomon Kleinsmith
Solomon Kleinsmith

I can't imagine it'll be any constroversy for hemp to be legalized with weed. Only real reason it continues to be illegal is the idea that people could hide the smokable variety in hemp fields.

Dave Joe
Dave Joe

Actually it's illegal because WRHearst had significant investments in forestry land used for paper pulp, and invested millions of his private fortune into lobbying for a ban of cannabis, while leveraging his newspapers to spam his propaganda and falsified "scientific clinical studies" demonising a useful plant that would have revolutionized the textile and medical industries (again) and cost him money.