The results of the last elections are well known at the national level. Barack Obama won the presidency, the Republicans have a majority in the House, and the Democrats have a majority in the Senate.

Lesser known is the distribution of forces at the state level. As a result of the 2012 elections, the Republicans are in control of a majority of states with 30 gubernatorial offices and 27 state legislatures. The Democrats hold 19 governorships and have the majority in 18 legislatures.

With the following infographic, published by Pew Charitable Trusts, discover the country’s map of state legislatures and governorships according to party control.

gubernatorial-and-legislative-party-control-by-state_510c0fcc1bdef copy
The Pew Charitable Trust

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Lucas Eaves
Lucas Eaves

French traveler on a journey to understand the arcane of American politics while enjoying life in San Diego.

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I'm an independent voter but I think partisanship is necessary to propagate one's values because there are some issues on which I cannot compromise.  Otherwise, you end up with a ineffective hodgepodge that never accomplishes anything.  I do not believe in peace at ANY cost.


17th amendment NEEDS REPEALED

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