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Robert Amador: San Diego Superior Court Judge-Elect

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Judge-elect Robert Amador; San Diego Superior Court

Robert Amador will be elected as judge to the San Diego Superior Court. Winning a landslide victory, Amador defeated private practice lawyer Jim Miller of El Cajon with 59 percent of the vote. Amador secured the position at 1:00 am on November 7.

Judge-elect Amador has been serving the San Diego community for thirty years as Deputy District Attorney. This race was a contested race, due to accusations on Miller’s bar accreditation with the California State Bar. This proved a dramatic change from the June primary, when Miller took 38 percent to Amador’s 33 percent.

During his campaign, Amador stated that he aims to service justice in San Diego in a fair, equal and respectful manner. He was endorsed by Sheriff Bill Gore, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and seventy-five San Diego Superior Court judges.

“When people leave my courtroom, they should feel that justice has been served and they were treated appropriately,” said Amador on the campaign trail.

His opponent Jim Miller, a native San Diegan of El Cajon, has worked as a private attorney in East County. With his experience, Miller ran for Judge of San Diego, but encountered complications when the California State Bar started questioning his bar accreditation- rating him unqualified. Miller does have a broad experience, and has worked in five areas of the county court. Miller further believes that his law background was sorely needed in courts that are overrun by judges who were once prosecutors and other government attorneys. He stated that they didn’t “Want somebody coming in who’s going to upset their apple cart.”

Many promises have made by Robert Amador during the election cycle. Once he is officially the San Diego Superior Court Judge, one can hope that he lives up to his promises and the expectations of San Diego.

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@judge amador bad choice 

An EXTREMELY POOR CHOICE...He’s absolutely "one sided," the husbands side, without a doubt. In my case, Judge Amador based his rulings on his feelings rather than the case facts/proof, which he chose to ignore. He also ignored & denied my 14 year olds declaration detailing the preference to live with me (mom) for more than 50% & the reasons as to why; Judge Amador stated if my teen has a problem with his decision, to bring my teen to his courtroom after 4:00 pm., which I did. My teen expressed the desire to live with mom, to which Judge Amador stated, "It's not going to happen, I call the shots......” This was my teens 1st experience with the courts/justice system; needless to say, it was NOT a good 1st impression whatsoever. This adverse affect resulted in my teens distrust in the justice system overall.

judge amador bad choice
judge amador bad choice

too bad   very poor choice for family judge...already  has the  reputation of one sideness for the husband..needs to be removed...either has a deep hate for women, had a bad marriage or divorce or  gender problems....