“The Social Campaign”: 2008 Vs. 2012


How will this year’s presidential election differ in terms of social media as compared to 2008? MDG Advertising put together this infographic on the “Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact“. Some highlights of their graphic entitles “The Social Campaign” include:

  • Two thirds os social media user ages 18-34 will be referencing social sites to learn about candidates
  • 88% of internet users receive most of their election news online
  • 82% of all adults recieve most of their election news online
  • 62% EXPECT their candidates to have a social media presence
Have you been using social media for election information more this year than in 2008?
Infographic by MDG
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Brian Iniguez
Brian Iniguez

Where there's a will, there's a way.. It appears there isn't much will here.

Michael Higham
Michael Higham

I don't think any one entity is to blame for the continual failure of peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I think over time, a generation that doesn't hold the same historical grudges will make progress towards a two-state solution.

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier

I like the idea of a mediation council that isn't just the US. But it may be difficult to find mediation partners that are more sympathetic to Palestine that would still be willing to negotiate reasonably.