Former Republicans Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer appeared on CNN last week to talk about the broken political system and possible solutions. Did CNN listen to the flood of Gary Johnson supporters who relentlessly emailed and tweeted in an organized Blackout CNN protest back in July?

Interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, they discussed ending the two-party monopoly, the media’s role in the election, and what can be done to fix the system.¬†When asked “Do you feel like you are shut out of the process in any way?” both candidates agreed that the two-party system is broken.

Gary Johnson answered,

“Completely, if it were reported tomorrow that I were at 5% of the national vote, the overwhelming reaction to that would be who the hell is Gary Johnson and that would be a good thing. Just being on this show here Don, thank you, if it drives people to Gary Johnson 2012 dot com I feel good about the results that people will actually look up and take to heart.”

Buddy Roemer agreed, responding,

“It is broken. The largest party in American is the independents. The party growing the fastest in America today, and check the facts, is the independent party. We have 90 million Americans that won’t vote in November. This country is in trouble and most people feel like there are no choices.”

Watch the full interview below and let us know what you think. What will it take to break the monopoly?

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Jane Susskind
Jane Susskind

Jane is the Community Manager at IVN & is the voice behind IVN's social media accounts. With a B.A. in Political Science & Religion from UCSD, she has always been involved in politics, working as a government relations intern in the Sacramento for CAIR and down in the San Diego Office of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now she's combining her background of politics with her passion of social media.

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Michael Higham
Michael Higham

This was a great clip to watch. Even if you're not sold on Gary Johnson, it's nice to see him get some time on national news and actually point out (rather quickly however) the discrimination of third parties and independents.


Whether one thinks either Gary Johnson or Buddy Roemer should be President or not, it's encouraging to see them finally being acknowledged in the corporate media. The thorough exclusion of Gary Johnson from both the mainstream media and the national polls has shown how completely our political system is rigged by money from big corporations and big labor. Anyone who is concerned about America's future should be paying closer attention and asking more questions.

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