Latino voters could swing election results this November, and the data revealing this are pretty dramatic. The Center for American Progress has a fascinating infographic with the following commentary on Latino voter influence on election results.

The infographic below highlights the top 10 states with the highest concentration of potential voters—either eligible but unregistered Latino voters or green card holders that are eligible to become citizens and vote for the first time in November.* This infographic is the only place in which these two streams of potential voters have been compared side-by-side.

In 8 of the 10 states highlighted, the number of potential voters already outnumbers the margin by which either then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) or Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) won the state in 2008, in some cases far exceeding that margin.

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W. E. Messamore
W. E. Messamore

An entrepreneurship major and graduate of Belmont University, Wes believes that small business, innovation, and creative thinking are required to solve problems and improve our world. One of America's growing number of Independents, Wes has never registered with any political party, but describes himself as a libertarian (note the lower-case "L") and holds individual liberty as a key ingredient of good public policy.

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