Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, one of only two independents in the Senate, is known for being outspoken. This reputation is only aided by a prolific presence on social media. His office regularly posts video to YouTube. One of the latest is on the topic of deficit reduction, and what he views are inflexible Republicans. He speaks unguarded, straight to the camera, with no notes. It’s a good example of how technology can spread his viewpoints to his constituents and a broader public with the stroke of a button.

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Kymberly Bays
Kymberly Bays

Raised in North County San Diego, Kym earned a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism from Temple University. Kym is an active blogger, recipient of two Collegiate Keystone Press Awards, and her 2008 election coverage for The Temple News was featured on CBSNews.com. Also under her belt is a stint at the United States District Court in Pennsylvania and volunteer work for United Action for Children in Cameroon. Her interests lie in multimedia production, technology and foreign policy. She is an avid traveler and proficient in French. Politically she leans left and is a recovering Democrat, now happily a No Party Preference voter. Twitter: @KRBays

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