Independent Voters, In One Word


Last week, the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation took a deep examination of the political parties and their constituents, the results of which were published on August 20. In this in-dept look at the independent voter, the Washington Post found that 7 out of 10 independent voters favor compromise to confrontation, suggesting that partisan politicians should cross party lines more often than not. When asked “Have you always thought of yourself as an independent, or have you thought of yourself as a Democrat or a Republican in the past?”, the majority of participants (56%) maintained that they had always thought of themselves as independents, compared to the 22% who thought of themselves as Democrats in the past, and 16% past Republicans.

In the graphic below, the Washington Post asked participants to describe Democrats, Independents, and Republicans in one word. Here are the results:

If you had to describe independent voters in just one word, what would it be?

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Matt Metzner
Matt Metzner

Really interesting that 'Good' is #2 for both parties and #3 for independent. Independence has nothing to do with indecisiveness, its the rejection of a false dichotomy and taking the time to search for something better.

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier

that word tree is really interesting. Notice how Dems and Reps throw vitriolic words at one another, but Independents' negative views are limited to confusion and indecisive.

Amanda Le
Amanda Le

I think free would be an overall fitting word!