Here’s an interesting graphic from Brandignity on the psychology of social networking.

Some highlights of the infographic:

  • Nine out of ten US internet users are on a social network. 
  • One out of five minutes spent online is on a social network and that number is only increasing with time. 
  • Although 80% of social media posts are about the poster, 9 out of 10 people think we share too much. 
  • Facebook allows you to pay for your status update to be highlighted.
  • Talking about ourselves is associated with the same satisfaction we get from food, money or sex. 

It ends with a question to think about while you’re posting your new status update on Facebook: Are we obsessed with social media or are we obsessed with ourselves? 

Infographic by www.brandignity.com


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Amanda Le
Amanda Le

Amanda is a fourth year at the University of California, San Diego as a International Relations major and Business minor.

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Didnt I hear recently that facebook had 83 million fake accounts? So your infographic is all garbage.


Also, more important than social media is personal magnetism and energy. Without which you cannot attract people to your ideas. Overdependence on Facebook, Twitter, Internet is dangerous.

When thugs in WashDC shut down the internet, what are you gonna do? Name of the game is word of mouth, reading the right literature.

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