Most Annoying in Politics for Monday, June 18th, 2012 goes to Meghan McCain, the 27-year old daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain. She is currently making media rounds to promote her new annoyingly-titled book, “America, You Sexy Bitch”.

The Atlantic Wire wrapped it up the phenomenon the political world is currently subjected to in one perfectly crafted lede, “Meghan McCain is going through a transformation most people experience at an age ten years younger.”

America, You Sexy Bitch sees McCain team up with usually-not-annoying comedian Michael Ian Black. Apparently, they share such radically different political viewpoints that by merely getting along, “they are about to change the way politics is discussed in America”.

Clearly a tome America was desperately lacking, its incredible insights include:

“Strippers. Strippers. Strippers. What is a proper trip to Vegas without strippers?”

McCain’s pseudo-celebrity ensures various asinine insights of hers make their way into the mainstream political news cycle. When they do, they include Earth-shattering nuggets like, “I’m strictly-dickly”.

She is the Kim Kardashian of the political sphere, running in a 24-hour news cycle/echo chamber of Twitter self-portraits, appearances, and columns heavy on name dropping her father. The main character? Not policy, not substance, but Meghan McCain.

Most recently, she made “waves” by, like, totally thinking marijuana is ok now. Beware, this “announcement” was not at all designed to sell books. Meghan is real. She quotes Jessica Simpson and tells haters to “kiss [her] fat ass” on The View. She even appeared today on the obnoxious Wendy Williams Show and compared herself to Snoop Dogg.

Welcome to 2012, where living in Los Angeles has convinced the wealthy and well-breed woman to reconsider marijuana as a “gateway drug”. While it’s nice to see someone grow up just shy of 30-years old, it’s annoying to see an admission touted as some revelatory statement.


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Kymberly Bays
Kymberly Bays

Raised in North County San Diego, Kym earned a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism from Temple University. Kym is an active blogger, recipient of two Collegiate Keystone Press Awards, and her 2008 election coverage for The Temple News was featured on CBSNews.com. Also under her belt is a stint at the United States District Court in Pennsylvania and volunteer work for United Action for Children in Cameroon. Her interests lie in multimedia production, technology and foreign policy. She is an avid traveler and proficient in French. Politically she leans left and is a recovering Democrat, now happily a No Party Preference voter. Twitter: @KRBays

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Chad Peace
Chad Peace

Tell us how your really feel Kym. Lol

Bob Morris
Bob Morris

This article is a brilliant parody, right???

Jane Susskind
Jane Susskind

We should definitely make this into a weekly column!

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